Cost Effective Cold White 640W Led Grow Light HPS 1000W Replacement Lamp For Greenhouse

Model No. LT-ST640W
Size 112.6cm ×107.2cm ×12.1cm
Efficacy 2.6 µmol/J
PPF 1664 µmol/s
Voltage AC 100-277V,  50/60Hz
IP rating  IP55(Console Only)
Beam Angles 120°
Housing Aluminum + Polycarbonate
Warranty  3 years or 5 Year Extended Warranty
Working Temp  -20 ~ +45°C
Life  >50000H
Certification ETL,cETL,DLC,CE

Product Description : 

1. Product quality is excellent;
2. There are a variety of control methods to provide a more convenient way for individual planting and greenhouse planting management;
3. Use Samsung 301b chip (3000k+660nm);
4. Ultra high par value, par value is more uniform
We’re excited to announce fantastic new lighting systems:  
Ultimate LED’s--your perfect solution to growing amazing plants! 
These lights are manufactured with super high quality.


0-10V Dimmable optional
.3 Year Warranty
.IP55 Rating(Console Only)
.Can with Power plug
Dimming solution, simple knob switch dimming or external controller dimming


With super dense foliage; no lens is required to distribute the light accurately, thereby encouraging optimal healthy growth.
Allows even and uniform distribution of light, with no hot spots; 
LED’s can be kept as little as one inch away from the plant with no harmful effects.
Light is available the entire length of the unit, reducing the shadowing effect that causes problems with most pinpoint lights.
Uses up to 75% less power than equivalent HPS systems; these lights will pay for themselves within 18 months in power savings alone!
Along with the power savings also comes a reduction in heat produced; by running our LED’s at significantly less power, heat is kept to a minimum, considerably extending the life span of the light.

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