24W Waterproof Round Led Underground Light For Greening

Model Number LT-RU250-24W
Power 1W-36W
Color Single Color , RGB
Voltage DC 24V & AC 100-265V
Water Proof IP67
Size(mm) Φ250×H95
Mounting Size(mm) 235
Beam angle 10°,15°,25°,30°,40°,60,°10×30°,10×45°,10×65°,10×70°,20×45°,20×65°
Working Tempreture  -20 ~ +45°C
Warranty 3 Years 
Housing Material Stainless steel face plate
Life Span > 50000 Hours
Hosing Aluminum body
Control Method DMX/Auto/External

Products advantages:

1,The Round Type Underground Flood Light 1-36W ,can be used as landscape light,architectural lighting.Both RGB&Single Color are
available.10°,15°,25°,30°,40°,60°,10×30°,10×45°,10×65°,10×70°,20×45°, 20×65°, beam angle optional.

2, Stainless steel face plate, die-cast aluminum body and high-strength toughened glass .

3, Outdoor using waterproof IP67 .

RGB and single color both available to meet your different lighting requirements.


Application :

◆.Square,Garden,Bridge,Walk Way .
◆.Outdoor Commercial buildings.
◆.Residential/Institution Buildings Supermarkets.

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